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    Brianna’s cooking show

    2010 - 01.27

    Here’s episode one (so I’m told) of Brianna’s cooking show. In this episode, we learn how to make scrambled eggs. Filmed and edited by big brother Jacob.

    Marching Mizzou drumline 1986

    2010 - 01.27

    I found an old videotape deep in a closet the other day that said Marching Mizzou drumline on it. After some help from Leslie, we got it converted to a digital format and posted it for everyone to see. This is the drumline from 1986 playing a cadence called “Jungle Love” at the MU/KU game in Columbia, MO. I’m playing the “triples” and I’m on the left side. The other 2 trips players are Dan Wieschhaus and Mike Rock.

    How to make an iMac-o-lantern and Cylon hat

    2010 - 01.27

    Here’s a stupid little project Steve Klein and I dreamed up for a halloween costume made out of an old iMac computer.

    And here’s another costume made from an old bubble iMac case bottom and an LED scanning kit from an online hobby store.

    How to draw the Simpsons

    2010 - 01.27

    Here is a quick video that Jacob created entirely by himself. It shows how to draw the Simpsons characters.

    Online diary now open

    2010 - 01.25

    This blog will be a place for the Katz family to keep stories, pictures, videos and musings about life. Enjoy your stay.