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  • New 101 Macintosh 10.6 Tips book released in Czech Republic

    2010 - 08.08

    My buddy from the other side of the world, Roman Zavřel, just released a Macintosh 101 Tips book for free on his website. The book is written in Czech but may be translated to English if he gets a good response. Take a look at his site at www.letemsvetemapplem.eu and grab the PDF of the book here.

    Roman has featured many of my projects on his site (here, here and here), so it’s my turn to feature him. If your Czech is a little rusty, don’t forget about Google translate.

    Roman, who is also a professional basketball player, may be playing in Tunisia next season. Good luck, Roman, I hope the book and hoops work out for you!

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    1. […] 000 lidí) a zejména pak vyhledávaný a jeden z nejuznávanějších konzultantů pro Mac OS X doporučuje knihu 101 Tipů a triků pro Mac OS X od Romana Zavřela. Děkujeme a velice si toho […]

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