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  • Our Family Trip to Orlando, Florida

    2012 - 01.23

    Vicki, Jacob, Brianna and I just got back from a week in Orlando. We went to Disney World, Universal Studios, City Walk and Old Town. It was a great trip, and we took WAY too much media of the sights. I’ve managed to condense the trip into an easily digestible 4 minute movie so everyone can see just the best bits of our trip.
    YouTube Preview Image

    Here are a few things we learned on our vacation:

    1. Buy the Meal Pass. It’s totally worth it. You pay up front but can eat as much as you want from certain restaurants.

    2. The Fast Pass is also worth it to go ahead of most people in line. Since it was January, the lines were pretty tame, but it was still nice to save a lot of time waiting, and made us feel superior to everyone we got to pass in line.

    3. Universal Studios cookies are awesome. With our Meal Pass we managed to horde quite a few of them. I think we left Orlando with about 11 cookies in my carry on. I think the TSA thought I was a chocolate chip smuggler.

    4. Large crowds of people can be scary. Especially when everyone is crowding in front of the castle to watch a fireworks show.

    5. Universal Studios is way more fun than Disney World. If you have to choose one, choose Universal. The Harry Potter and Simpsons rides were way better than anything at Disney.

    6. The water rides are cold. Very cold. Especially in January. And it will take you all day to dry off. By the time you’re finally dry, Bree will talk you into riding it again.

    I also used a great program on my iPhone called DMD Panorama to take some quick 360 degree panoramic shots of Old Town and City Walk. Click on the images for larger versions.

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    1. Jacob Katz says:

      Sounds like fun!

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