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    Apple iDrums! Custom Built Tiny Kit from Apple Parts

    2020 - 05.14

    Check out another quarantine project I created. The Apple iDrums! A little drum kit (modeled after my own) built completely out of old Apple computer parts.

    You’re probably saying to yourself, “but can you play Tom Sawyer by Rush on it?” Well, no…I can’t, but Stickman can!

    Click the image below to watch him rock out.

    Say Hello to M8 and Rivvit!

    2020 - 05.08

    During quarantine, I decided to build a couple of friends out of old end-of-life Apple computer equipment. I built one called M8 since he is built from iMac model M8535 parts. His sidekick, Rivvit is also built from old equipment including Airport base stations, broken hard drive pieces and speakers. I used lots of magnets on M8’s head so we can adjust his eyes and eyebrows to give him a little personality. Plus I made a few different mouths that also connect with magnets.

    I started a comic called “The Quarantine Adventures of M8 and Rivvit” to document their adventures. Click the arrows in the top left of each image to go to other pages. Take a look, and check back here for more episodes.

    episode 1 episode 3 episode 4 episode 5 episode 6 episode 7 episode 8 episode 9 episode 2