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    Audio Found From Bertha & Dave’s 50th

    2018 - 08.27

    While going through my mom’s stuff, I found this old cassette tape of her parent’s (my grandparents) 50th wedding anniversary party. I transferred it and put it up on YouTube. Click below to listen…obviously the quality isn’t great, but it’s been quite a while since I heard my grandfather give a speech, so I think it’s worth it.

    My Mom

    2018 - 08.02

    On Tuesday, July 31st 2018, my Mom passed away after a long struggle with cancer. She was 81 years old, and still very much lucid, funny and active with her kids, grandkids and friends. In fact, one day before she passed away she was out having lunch with friends, enjoying life and having fun. My mom had a very close group of girlfriends that go all the back to high school called the “Top of the Hill” gang, and she would meet them very often for brunch and chitchat. It always made me laugh that my mom never had an email address (and would never even discuss having one), and someone from the group would always have to physically call her on the telephone to let her know when and where the next brunch would be, even though they all arranged it over email or facebook.

    The main theme of my moms life would definitely be music. She taught herself to play the piano at age 2, and continued playing and composing music up until her death. Mom could play by ear, meaning if she heard a song once, she could usually play it on the piano immediately and effortlessly. It was an amazing talent, and something that always impressed me. Her life was filled with musical performances, compositions, bands, education, and especially singing old songs with the elderly at the Heritage Center at the JCC. Here she is doing something she has done thousands of times; playing background music for an event.

    Click the image below to watch:

    She taught a class for kids called Fun With Music for many years at the Beth Shalom nursery school, played piano in the Zimrah orchestra with my dad on drums. Her musical compositions are incredibly vast. Mom wrote and performed an original song at our prenuptial dinner while Vicki sang. She worked so hard on this performance and was so proud to be able to perform it for everyone at the dinner. Listen below:

    You Made Me Laugh:

    She wrote an original song for each of my kids when they were born as a very special birthday present. She wrote out the music and lyrics and framed it for each child. Click the images for larger versions, and you can listen to her playing the songs below:

    Jacob’s Lullabye

    Vicki singing Jacob’s Lullaby

    Brianna’s Lullabye

    Mom got together with Cantor David Barash and created a CD of original jewish music specifically for kids called “Big Jewish Songs For Little Jewish Kids”. At the time she created this, it wasn’t as easy to publish things on the internet. But now it’s much easier, so her music may be available on Amazon or somewhere soon. I’m going to go through all her stuff (that she meticulously curated and wrote out) and see if maybe a music catalog or cd could be available for sale.

    In 1991, my mom partnered with her nephew Bryan Azorsky to create a musical video for kids called “Red Riding Hood’s Adventure”. She wrote and arranged original music aimed at kids ages 1-6. The video was created for VHS only, but I did manage to digitize a version you can watch below.

    Every year my mom would have the family Hanukkah party at her house as well as Passover. Each year Leslie and Mom would make tons of homemade potato latkes. For years we thought her recipe was some secret recipe passed down through the generations. A few years ago my mom admitted that the recipe was from the back of the blender box. Here’s a video from the wonderful Brianna’s Cooking Show series on YouTube with the complete “secret” latke recipe.

    My mom also loved animals and always had a dog that she was extremely close with. It started with Blackie when she was a child, then we had Missy, a Dalmation we got when I was in grade school. Then Sadie, Charlie and finally Sarge. Mom hand painted a portrait of each dog, and was still working on Sarge.

    Sarge really helped my mom be able to live at home, giving her a friend to take care of and be with her in these last few years. He was always excited to see her when she got home, and she looked forward to his kisses and attention. Towards the end, poor Sarge needed insulin injections twice a day, and was completely blind and incontinent, but that didn’t matter to her at all. Sarge was really the reason she didn’t want to move into Village Shalom (she wouldn’t have been able to take him with her). She couldn’t stand the thought living without him, and thankfully she didn’t have to.

    My mom was widely known in the community as the person that played the piano for the “old folks” in the Heritage Center at the JCC. She had this job for over 25 years, and always joked that she was the youngest person there. She would come in for a few hours a week, and play old songs that the elderly people remembered from their childhood or from old musicals. She believed very strongly in the power of music to help heal and enrich the lives of older people, and we talked a lot about music and memory, especially when my father was going through Alzheimers. She educated many people from nursery school through old age on the power and importance of music.

    Throughout my life, music was the language mom and I spoke. While I was getting into computers in junior high school, she had no interest at all until I showed her how the computer could help in creating and performing music. She would let me record her so I could digitally mix, layer and alter the music, and she was always amazed by the technology, even if she didn’t understand it, and had no interest at all in learning how it worked. When I started taking drum lessons at age 7, she was the one I would practice with, playing my dad’s old classic drum kit to Beatle songs so I could learn to follow along. She took me to every lesson, every band practice, every performance. She never tired of playing, discussing or listening to music. She came to many of my current band’s gigs and always had suggestions of new songs we could learn.

    Here’s a video of mom doing the same thing with Jacob and a great Billy Joel tune. Click the picture to play.

    Here are a just a few images I pulled out of my photo library that I think really showed my mom in her element.





    360 Degree Panoramas

    2018 - 06.05

    Here are some very cool panoramic images taken a few years back that I converted to run on current HTML. Click each one to open a separate window, then drag to rotate and scroll to zoom in and out.

    Rooftop at Steve Klein Design, 4th and Delaware, Kansas City

    Another rooftop at Steve Klein Design, 4th and Delaware, Kansas City

    And yet another rooftop at Steve Klein Design, 4th and Delaware, Kansas City

    And one last rooftop at Steve Klein Design, 4th and Delaware, Kansas City

    Fishing With My Dad

    Fishing lodge early in the morning

    Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary One, Louisburg, Kansas

    Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary Two, Louisburg, Kansas

    Black Magic Woman from Sukkot Fest 2017

    2017 - 10.10

    Click the image below to watch my band, Conviction, play one of our favorite songs, Black Magic Woman at the Congregation B’nai Jehudah Sukkot Festival on October 8, 2017.

    Check me out on Apple World Today!

    2017 - 07.12

    My buddy Steven Sande of Apple World Today did a write up of all the strange things I’ve done with Apple computers, phones, and peripherals. You can find all this stuff individually on this blog, but it’s cool to have it all in one place. Check it out here:

    Let Mommy Buy Weed

    2017 - 07.09

    When our family was in Colorado for vacation a few years back, Vicki and I were going to go to some dispensaries to try the local (and legal) herb. Bree was not happy about this at all, since she has grown up being told that marijuana is illegal, and bad for you. She really didn’t want Vicki to go, even though it has been proven to help with chronic pain, something Vicki has been dealing with for years. The next day, Jacob came out of his room with an amazing poem, called Let Mommy Buy Weed. He found every term for marijuana that he could find, and rhymed it into an incredible poem where a young boy explains to his sister the benefits of weed, and how it can help people with chronic pain. The poem was so amazing that I knew it needed to be turned into a book. Fast forward about 2 years, and the book is complete! I had a buddy of mine who is an incredible artist illustrate the poem for us, in the style of a children’s book, and now it’s available for purchase on Amazon!

    Here’s a few pages from the book. And remember, you can purchase your own copy HERE.

    Conviction In The Studio

    2017 - 07.07

    My band Conviction recently spent some time in the studio putting the finishing touches on 4 original songs and we think they sound great! Listen to samples below, and watch this space for links when the songs go live on iTunes. We’re also looking into streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Special thanks to Lynn at LA Audio for recording, editing and mixing our stuff and making us sound so amazing.

    Click the image below to watch our video for Finding My Way, created by Jacob Katz of Nerdboy Productions.

    Check out the band website at convictiontheband.com for more info and links to full performances, samples and pictures.

    Listen to samples below, and look for these songs on iTunes and streaming services soon!

    Finding My Way (studio version by Steve Rosenberg)

    Baruch Hashem (studio version by Steve Greenberg)

    Nothing In This World Is Free (studio version by Steve Greenberg)

    Better Than You Know (studio version by Steve Rosenberg)


    Spinners From Old Hard Drives

    2017 - 05.14

    If you know me, or read this blog, you know that I have a lot of old computer parts. Some would say I have too many. Those people are idiots. I saw on the internet that you can buy these spinners that you hold in your hand and spin to keep from being bored, to improve focus, whatever. I figured it would be easy to build some of these out of old Macintosh computer hard drives in my garage. I googled it, and of course, I wasn’t the first person to think of doing this. But I had a ton of old hard drives that needed their data wiped, so I decided to build some spinners, killing any data (and some time) in the process.

    Here’s a few examples of a 2, 3 and 4 piece spinner. These are made completely out of old Macintosh computer hard drives, some super glue, and some leather for the base. No instructions are really needed for this project. Just take apart an old hard drive and start glueing stuff together.

    Do they have a purpose other than to keep fidgety hands busy? No, but they are fun to spin, completely silent, and keep me from tapping on my desk and annoying everyone around me.

    Watch below to see the spinners in action…click the image if the animation doesn’t automatically loop.

    Conviction Plays Menorah Medical Center

    2017 - 04.25

    Here’s my band, Conviction, at the Menorah Medical Center staff party on April 20, 2017. Click image below.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science In America

    2017 - 04.25

    Please watch this. He is 100% correct. Click below.

    YouTube Preview Image