Mac M.D. Incorporated was created in 1992 to provide preventative software maintenance and diagnostics for Macintosh computers/iOS devices and provide expert and insightful help when you need it, either on-site or remotely.

For many clients, Mac M.D. makes regular visits to perform diagnostics designed to increase speed, remove damaged files, clear corrupted font caches, and fix user support issues. Clients think of Mac M.D. as an “oil change” for their computers. The idea is to fix the small problems BEFORE more serious problems arise such as lost files or damaged documents.

Mac M.D. integrates and supports the latest Apple iOS products and can help with operating system setups, upgrades and compatibility issues, home office setups, multi-platform networking as well as run necessary maintenance scripts and diagnostics to keep your systems and users running smoothly and efficiently.

Regular maintenance on your Apple computers is important to help keep them malware free, up to date, and safe from data loss. Please contact Mac M.D Inc. to set up a subscription maintenance schedule that can be billed monthly or yearly. Support visits can be on-site or remote utilizing Apple’s safe Messages program for remote access, without the need for 3rd party software downloads.