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    Brianna’s cooking show episode 2

    2010 - 02.08

    In this episode, Bree teaches us how to make hamantashen for purim.

    Introducing…the Personal Theater!

    2010 - 02.08

    Here’s a fun project I made out of a shoe box. Put your iphone or media player inside, and you’ll find yourself transported to the back of an old theater while you enjoy your movie.
    You will be able to purchase do-it-yourself kits soon. If you’d like to know when they are available, please leave a message in the comments!

    This video shows a little more detail in how the theater was put together. All you need is a shoe box, a laser printer, a sharp knife and rubber cement. A snowy weekend can also help.

    Another Brianna movie from 2006

    2010 - 02.04

    Some older home movies from may 2006 and august 2007

    2010 - 02.04

    Older movies from the archives…

    Brianna on stage at the Lied Center

    2010 - 02.04

    This is a video of Brianna’s ballet performance in May 2009 on stage at the Lied Center in Lawrence, KS.

    Random Pics

    2010 - 02.03

    This is how Vicki and I feel sometimes…

    This is the back of Vicki’s Macbook.

    Jacob’s custom pickle label.

    Steve Klein and I made a homebrew beer called Stoopid Munky Chocolate Stout, here is the label.