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    Create your own “transparent” iPhone lock screen

    2010 - 06.24

    Here’s a simple and free way to create a very cool effect on your iPhone’s lock or home screen. It makes your phone look somewhat transparent while holding it in your hand.

    Simply hold your phone in your hand of choice as you normally do when using it. Then take a picture of your hand in that same position with the iPhone’s camera.

    Go to your Preferences and choose that picture as your lock screen and/or wallpaper and scale it until it matches your hand behind the phone.

    That’s it, you’re done! Now go show off your “transparent” phone to all your friends.

    The Apple Museum – 30 years in 2 minutes

    2010 - 06.24

    I finally got around to taking pictures of the computers I’ve collected over the years. I always tried to get a machine (working or not) that represented a significant design or technology shift. I put them all together in this video that spans 30 years in about 2 minutes. This video doesn’t include every Apple product, only the machines I’ve personally owned or acquired. Missing are many iconic products such as the Apple IIc, IIgs, Apple III, Quadra etc. Be sure to check out some other great videos such as the Shoebox Apple Store, and the Personal Movie and Drive-In Theater Downloadable Kits. Enjoy!

    The video has been featured in:
    The New York Times
    The Huffington Post
    The Wall Street Journal
    Guy Kawasaki
    and many, many other places