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  • Bart Mitzvah Success

    2010 - 12.17

    Jacob pulled off a flawless performance at his Bar Mitzvah last weekend. Here’s some pictures from his party; Simpsons themed of course. Vicki and Heather made amazing Simpsons cookies and giant donut cakes, the kids played Rock Band on a massive screen and rolled around in a huge hamster ball. Outside a portable arcade truck had 3 big screens with video games inside. Thank you to everyone that helped make it an amazing weekend!

    (Click on the video at the bottom of the list to hear a sample of the fun.)

    Click each picture for a larger version.

    One Response to “Bart Mitzvah Success”

    1. Christy says:

      Holy cow, you guys are creative. Those cookies are incredible! You guys should start a bakery…or an event planning agency.

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