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    The iPad Concert Theater

    2011 - 06.05

    Well, it was bound to happen. I got inspired to destroy another perfectly good shoebox after watching some Rush concert footage the other day. I found a box that happened to be the perfect size for an iPad, and a few days later, the iPad Concert Theater was born.

    It started with an oversized shoebox.

    Then a few Google searches for images of people at concerts; waiting in line, cheering, sitting in their seats, etc. I added a few Rush logos here and there, and printed the images out. (click the images for larger versions)

    Then I glued the images to the inside and outside of the shoebox, and covered the images with Mod Podge, a glue/sealer that dries clear and protects the pictures from fingerprints or scratches. The cheering crowds were attached with string to the insides of the box so they could move and jiggle side to side creating the live concert effect.

    Check out the youtube video below to see how it all came together. The kits are available at www.personalmovietheater.com.