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  • Danielle and Dustin’s Wedding 9/2/2012

    2012 - 09.08

    We recently attended the wedding of my cousin Dustin Tiep in Los Angeles, CA. Dustin owns Mac M.D. LA (www.macmdla.com). My sister Leslie hooked us up with first class tickets (thanks, Les!) so we arrived ready to have fun. We had an incredible time in California. We had amazing Thai food with Vicki’s cousin Rhonda, walked around Glenwood, and basically just relaxed.

    The wedding was very emotional, beautiful and fun. We really enjoyed meeting everyone, especially Dustin’s groomsmen, and cousins we didn’t know or hadn’t seen in years.

    Below is a compilation of images and a video of the event. Click any image for a much larger version. Play the video full screen with music cranked for the full effect! Thanks so much for inviting us, guys!

    Vicki posed by the waterfall at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. We’ll be married for 20 years in November. She looks so cute, so I had to brag for a minute.

    Married for approximately 30 seconds, Danielle and Dustin pause for a kiss under a textbook perfect sun flare!

    Me. Dustin. Open bar. Enough said.

    Adorable Zachary cooling off beautiful bride, Danielle.

    This is my shoe immediately after the wedding. It literally fell apart in huge chunks. I was leaving a trail of what looked like playground rubber from the elevator to the room. Vicki was laughing so hard she wasn’t making any noise. Now, I’m not saying what caused the destruction of perfectly good 20 year old, 40 dollar shoes (or was it 40 year old, 20 dollar shoes…?) but I think we might be able to blame the hora. I should’ve worn the white flip flops the girls were wearing…

    YouTube Preview Image

    Click the video above to play. High quality, full screen recommended

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