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  • Apple Airports and Mac Minis: LED Lights

    2021 - 03.27

    12 Apple Airports, 4 Mac Minis, all hollowed out and fitted with LED light pucks. I’ve been thinking about creating something like this for many many years, as I watched the pile of old, broken airports, and end of life Mac Minis grow. Well I finally got around to getting it built, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

    After making sure all the airports and minis were completely hollowed out…I started to think about how I wanted to mount them. I figured I could do 3 groupings so I only had 3 things to hang rather than 16. The small airports are all screwed into long strips of wood and then mounted together.

    The Mac Minis and the larger airports are glued to a piece of wood. I then placed the LED puck lights in each case, and wired them together.

    The LED lights were purchased on Amazon at this link:

    Then it was just a matter of hanging it all on the wall. Be sure to check out the video below (CLICK THE IMAGE) to see the LED lights in all their glory.

    YouTube Preview Image

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