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  • Bree’s Freehand Mandala on my Effects Cymbal

    2021 - 04.06

    Bree got ahold of one of my cymbals and decided to draw all over it. I guess I’m just stuck with this now. Please people, keep your artistic kids away from sharpies and musical equipment. Actually, I’ve been wanting her to do this for a while, and I can’t believe she was able to draw this freehand on my cymbal. I love how it looks, and would be totally happy to have all my cymbals look like this. Do you think drummers would pay to have their own mandalas applied to their cymbals? Thanks Bree!

    I sprayed the cymbal with a clear coat protection spray just to hopefully get a little more life out of the design. It will be interesting to see how it wears over time…I’ll update this post in a few months to see how the design looks.

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